Meet Kim Edgren! Kim grew up in Southboro, started a successful business here and continues to deepen her roots within the surrounding communities.  From creating and launching a wonderful daycare to building awareness of Congenital Heart Disease, Kim's story is one you will want to hear.  

Wee Care For Little People - 

IG: weecare_littlepeople


Adult Congenital Heart Association -

ACHA Walk - 

Southboro Wellness Celebrates Sarah Whiteman

 This episode is showing some love to Sarah Whiteman! She is the owner of Anna Banna's Chocolates, which we sell right here at Southboro Wellness!  If you're interested in getting your hands on this amazing chocolate, elderberry syrup and other goodies go to

Southboro Wellness Celebrates The Southboro Food Pantry

 This Episode of Southboro Wellness Celebrates Southboro Women we have Barb Jandrue and Marj Coldwell. They work at Southborough's Food Pantry.   The Pantry is located at  Pilgrim Congregational Church 15 Common St. Southborough, MA   The Pantry door is at the rear corner opposite the ancient cemetery. They are open on Tuesday evenings 7 - 8 p.m and  Friday mornings 10 - 11 a.m.  For More information on this wonderful service:

Southboro Wellness Celebrates Southboro Woman

Meet Elizabeth Wetherbee Klein! In this interview, Beth explains her involvement with Southborough Community Fund, New England Center for Children and the upcoming NECC Children Of Promise Gala.  

New England Center for Children -  

Children of Promise Gala 

Southborough Community Fund - http://www.southboroughcommunityfund.... 

Southboro Wellness Celebrates Jessica Devine

Meet Jessica Devine of Southborough. Jessica is on our Southboro School Committee as well as the Engagement Manager at Chestnut Hill Farm here in Southboro. There are so many exciting and amazing programs and events happening at the farm - from a vegetable CSA, a meat CSA, Friday night farm dinners, yoga, farmer for a day and so much more.  Meet Jessica! 

 The Farmstand is open: Tues, Thurs & Friday: 2-6PM Saturdays: 9AM-2PM 


Southboro wellness celebrates kristine shifrin

Meet Kristine Shifrin, a lifelong resident of Southboro. She's a successful realtor, a genuine friend, an extraordinary mom, a devoted wife, a kind and compassionate woman.  We sat down with Kristine to talk about her career, her family and their story. 



ALS One:


Go Fund Me:

Deodorizing essential oil

 Listen to Dr.Brooke talk about ways to use Deodorizing essential oils to freshen things up. Perfect for the summertime, Deodorizing oil can be used to remedy the smell of things like sweaty laundry and dirty sports bags.

Custom Orthotics at Southboro Wellness

Foot Levelers custom orthotics help more than your feet! Our stabilizing orthotics bring health and healing to the whole body by balancing the musculoskeletal system. Stop into our office today to learn more! 

Southboro Wellness Celebrates Brave Yoga For All

In this video, Dr Brooke sits down with Brave Yoga For All and discusses adaptive mindfulness & yoga for those with developmental, emotional and physical challenges.  


Brave Yoga For All will be holding a one day interactive course at Southboro Wellness on June 29, 2019 from 9am-2pm. In this course participants will understand the benefits of using yoga and mindfulness as a modality for individuals with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, sensory processing disorders and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Each section of the program has hands-on exercises and practice.   Register now at  





Digestion workshop

Dr Brooke discusses digestion and stomach function at her June Wednesday seminar.

SouthboroWellness celebrates Beth Domolky RN

Beth Domolky is an aesthetic nurse with over 20 years of experience in the medical aesthetic business. Under the guidance of Dr. Teri Ciccone, Renew Aesthetic Medicine and Wellness in Southboro, Massachusetts provides expert aesthetic medical care. They are committed to making you look and feel your best! Some of their services include facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal and more!  

Check her out! 

Renew Aesthetic Medicine and Wellness 

60 Central St. Southborough, MA 


Germ Fighting essential oils

 Here's a glimpse at what a workshop with Dr. Brooke looks like! This month's topic was Essential oil's 101 and Dr Brooke teaches us which oils to use for fighting germs in your home.  

Visit our Seminars page to view our calendar.

Southboro wellness celebrates southboro women - betsy gobron


April feature video - Betsy Gobron of Sew Studio Southboro

Sewing has been a lost art and @sewstudiosouthborough is bringing it back! Sew Studio provides classes for children & adults in a fun, relaxed organized environment. There are so many options to choose from, such as camps, scout events, birthday parties or SEWcial events! Please watch this video and then visit their website to see all the amazing classes available.  Betsy's Info Http:// 508-485-2012 

sandie rossini

 Meet the amazing Sandie Rossini  Sandie’s life changed in 2013. She believes in the power of positivity & miracles and we invite you to listen to this video about Sandie’s journey. #powerofpositivity #beinghappy #happyeveryday #justasmalltowngirl #changeinperspective #prognosishappilyeverafter #herstory #sandierossini #southborowellness #liveyourbestlife   Sandie's Website 

Sherri klein

 Another installment of Southboro Wellness Celebrates Southboro Women with Sherri Woolhouse Klein!!  Stop in soon to see Sherri’s meaningful creations. They make a perfect gift. or  Follow her on Facebook at: SK Design or Instagram at: sklein_design

Sheryl yarckin white

 Meet Sheryl Yarckin White from Baby Kneads. Sheryl is a Certified Educator of infant massage, baby signing, Reiki master and a mindfulness facilitator. Sheryl's goal is peaceful parenting by strengthening the connection between infant and caregiver through early communication and supporting them in their baby’s overall development. She has been teaching since 1999.   Sheryl teaches classes at pre-schools, parenting organizations, non-profit centers, corporations, conferences, hospitals, schools, child care centers, libraries and in private homes one on one or with a group. Skype and phone calls and on-line are offered too!  Watch this video to learn more about the wonderful ways Sheryl is helping our community.  

Heather mcDougall

 This month at Southboro Wellness we are celebrating Heather McDougall! Heather owns a business called At Number 10, where she re-purposes furniture, makes unique home items and personalized gifts. Hear how she uses her creativity to make pieces  personal and come to life!   Heather will be starting DIY workshops!  Her business is located at 3 East Main Street, Southborough, 01772  Open Wednesday-Friday 10-4, Saturday 1-4  Heather's Links:  Website - Instagram - @atnumber10 Facebook - @atnumber10 

Margo Voskanian

 Have you always wondered about acupuncture but aren’t sure how it can help you? Southboro Wellness celebrates the amazing Margo Voskanian of Silver Leaf Acupuncture! Margo is incredibly warm and welcoming and works with each patient to create a carefully tailored treatment plan. Her specialties include pain management, women’s health, and digestive health.  Silver Leaf Acupuncture is located here in Southboro. 

Becoming a Chiropractor

Dr. Brooke is interviewed by Vanessa and they talk all about Dr. Brooke's experiences being a Chiropractor! 

  Please note that none of the information here constitutes medical advice in any way, or claims cure or treatment of any medical condition. Always consult your personal doctor regarding any personal health issues.